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About Us


      Elbert Mui, Founder & CEO

      Elbert Mui, Founder & CEO

Nu Level was formed in 2009 by Elbert Moon Mui. Having personally worked on many negotiations to protect families from foreclosures during the Great Recession, Elbert was dismayed at how so many people were suffering due to unscrupulous advice. His mission was to build a company where he could help people obtain their dream home without compromising sound financial principles.

Nu Level specializes in providing both conventional and unique real estate options for people of all backgrounds and circumstances. We provide top-level advice to our clients and are completely transparent throughout the loan process. We have over 20 years of expertise in finance and real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area.



We are committed to giving back to the places we live and work. Most of our staff are lifelong Bay Area residents, and we all understand that we owe our success to our roots in the community. That's why we donate a portion of all our profits primarily to two areas - people and the environment. Some of our favorite charitable activities are listed below.

School Supplies for the Community | Nu Level Equity | Mortgage Services

School Supplies

We purchase school supplies for Bay Area schools so they can be used for educational activities and to support our incredible teachers and future young leaders. Past donations have included backpacks, binders, art supplies, office supplies, and educational games.

Food, Toy, and Clothes Donation Drives for the Community | Nu Level Equity | Mortgage Services

Donation Drives

We organize pledge and donation drives year-round for food, toys, and clothes. For the holidays, our employees make a special push for donations. We are grateful to the amazing local charities and shelters in the Bay Area who work hard every day for families in need.

E-Waste, Recycling, and Shredding Events for the Community | Nu Level Equity | Mortgage Services

E-Waste, Recycling and Shredding Events

With the rapid pace that technology gets outdated, electronic waste is a huge hazard to our environment. Most of these items are too toxic to place in a landfill since they contain metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. we organize and pay for e-waste recycling events for small businesses and local neighborhoods. In addition, we host community paper shredding events so our neighbors can finally get rid of those boxes of paper documents that are no longer needed but contain sensitive information.

Support for Seniors - Giving Back to the Community | Nu Level Equity | Mortgage Services

Support for Seniors

We cherish and honor our seniors and we're proud to volunteer and donate to assisted living facilities in need. We are currently working on partnering with an adoption program that matches senior dogs and senior cats with senior citizens.